Thursday, December 9, 2021

Newburyport Bitcoin Society

Newburyport Bitcoin Society

Coming soon, January 2022! 

Free, family-friendly monthly educational meetings at local pubs and eateries. 

In-person hands-on help learning about bitcoin exchanges, wallets, cold-storage, security, random entropy/seed/password generators, etc. 

Focused almost exclusively on buying and holding (hodling) the bitcoin digital asset.   Not focused on trading bitcoin, or on any other crypto assets.

Contact me if interested. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Newburyport Variolation Society


Newburyport Variolation Society

Coming soon, summer 2021! 
Free, family-friendly monthly educational meetings at local pubs and eateries. 
Contact me if interested. 

"The term variolation refers solely to inoculation with smallpox virus and is not interchangeable with vaccination. ....Inoculation refers to intentionally exposing an individual to a virus, bacterium, other pathogen, or artificial vaccine that may induce active immunity, and inoculation can be done by any suitable route of administration. Many familiar vaccines are injected intramuscularly or swallowed. The term "inoculation" entered medical English through horticultural usage meaning to graft a bud (or eye) from one plant into another. It is derived from the Latin in + oculus (eye)."

For the purposes of this project, I think "variolation" is more fun, though "inoculation" may be more, shall we say, accurate (or precise?). 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

My new used all-electric 2016 VW e-Golf car

~$3400 down
~$800 2 yr warranty
plus sales tax,title,fees
~$14,400 financed.
2.49% 6 yr $188/mo
EPA 83 mile range.
24 kWh small
3.6 kW onboard charger, slow
Expecting very low maintenance costs.
Expect about 5 miles/kWh around town.
24,799 miles

This is an experiment; if successful, will install dual 240v 40-50 amp  11W outlet, with prep for hardwire, in driveway, going large for later upgrade of the car to one with a larger on-board charger and a bigger battery.  (Note that I'll install 2 x 240V outlets by the driveway, one for the car charger, and one for a whole-house generator.)



  • Should I deep cycle the main battery?  or just top off all the time so I have maximum range all the time.
  • B/Eco+ mode see "95 mi"  Any risk in running in such B+eco+ mode all the time?  Love the one-foot driving (lifting your foot up on the gas pedal substantially applies the brakes at same time for regenerating power back to the battery).  I believe B mode does light the brake lights as you lift your foot, not sure.
  • Remote door lock horn too loud; disabled in console screen.
  • Many or most of the smaller electrical elements of the car (like radio, headlights, etc) run off the 12 V battery.  But does using those force the car to recharge the 12 V battery, and if so, then does that reduce my range (a little bit)?  Or does the 12 V battery only charge via the external charging cable? 
  • Shame no way to talk to the car from my phone or computer without paying $18/month with CarNet. 
  • I thought I saw something about a cell-phone cradle that uses the car antenna instead of the phone antenna.  Might improve call quality?  Not sure.  
  • A little weird, it doesn't have cruise control.  But it does have automatic wipers that run faster when it rains harder. 
  • Charging stations, such as ChargePoint, charge like $2 / hour.  That's $2 / hour that you are connected, not necessarily charging.  If your car is "full" at 9:30am, but leave your office to go move your car at 10:00am, you paid for 30 minutes of nothing. 


  • My electricity at home costs $0.23/kWh
  • 24 kWh car battery
  • $5.65 to fill
  • Can go about 70 miles per charge.
  • $0.081 per mile
  • Gas comparison: 30 mpg, $2.50/gal, $0.083 per mile. Not really saving money? 
  • Typical values in an e-Golf around town are 4.0-5.0 miles/kWh. (~90-100 miles per tank).  Highway, much lower.
  • Onboard charger: 3.6 kW
  • Charging cable is 1.2 kW at 120 V (about 10 amps) (like a hair blow dryer).  Takes about 20 hours to fill 24 kWh battery. 
  • From web: "And that will eat your time and money on a public charger if it counts based on time. E.g., for $1/hr, you'll be paying around $0.30/kWh vs. $0.17/kWh @ 6 kW."
  • Fuel Economy
  • City: 126 MPGe
  • Combined: 116 MPGe
  • Highway: 105 MPGe
  • Horsepower 115 HP

Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019-09-29 Graham Nash, A Romance Novel

Graham Nash, Berklee Performance Center, Sunday 2019-09-30:

A Romance Novel, Wally's Jazz Cafe, Boston, Sunday 2019-09-30

Friday, September 6, 2019