Saturday, October 5, 2019

My new used all-electric 2016 VW e-Golf car

~$3400 down
~$800 2 yr warranty
plus sales tax,title,fees
~$14,400 financed.
2.49% 6 yr $188/mo
EPA 83 mile range.
24 kWh small
3.6 kW onboard charger, slow
Expecting very low maintenance costs.
Expect about 5 miles/kWh around town.
24,799 miles

This is an experiment; if successful, will install dual 240v 40-50 amp  11W outlet, with prep for hardwire, in driveway, going large for later upgrade of the car to one with a larger on-board charger and a bigger battery.  (Note that I'll install 2 x 240V outlets by the driveway, one for the car charger, and one for a whole-house generator.)



  • Should I deep cycle the main battery?  or just top off all the time so I have maximum range all the time.
  • B/Eco+ mode see "95 mi"  Any risk in running in such B+eco+ mode all the time?  Love the one-foot driving (lifting your foot up on the gas pedal substantially applies the brakes at same time for regenerating power back to the battery).  I believe B mode does light the brake lights as you lift your foot, not sure.
  • Remote door lock horn too loud; disabled in console screen.
  • Many or most of the smaller electrical elements of the car (like radio, headlights, etc) run off the 12 V battery.  But does using those force the car to recharge the 12 V battery, and if so, then does that reduce my range (a little bit)?  Or does the 12 V battery only charge via the external charging cable? 
  • Shame no way to talk to the car from my phone or computer without paying $18/month with CarNet. 
  • I thought I saw something about a cell-phone cradle that uses the car antenna instead of the phone antenna.  Might improve call quality?  Not sure.  
  • A little weird, it doesn't have cruise control.  But it does have automatic wipers that run faster when it rains harder. 
  • Charging stations, such as ChargePoint, charge like $2 / hour.  That's $2 / hour that you are connected, not necessarily charging.  If your car is "full" at 9:30am, but leave your office to go move your car at 10:00am, you paid for 30 minutes of nothing. 


  • My electricity at home costs $0.23/kWh
  • 24 kWh car battery
  • $5.65 to fill
  • Can go about 70 miles per charge.
  • $0.081 per mile
  • Gas comparison: 30 mpg, $2.50/gal, $0.083 per mile. Not really saving money? 
  • Typical values in an e-Golf around town are 4.0-5.0 miles/kWh. (~90-100 miles per tank).  Highway, much lower.
  • Onboard charger: 3.6 kW
  • Charging cable is 1.2 kW at 120 V (about 10 amps) (like a hair blow dryer).  Takes about 20 hours to fill 24 kWh battery. 
  • From web: "And that will eat your time and money on a public charger if it counts based on time. E.g., for $1/hr, you'll be paying around $0.30/kWh vs. $0.17/kWh @ 6 kW."
  • Fuel Economy
  • City: 126 MPGe
  • Combined: 116 MPGe
  • Highway: 105 MPGe
  • Horsepower 115 HP


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