Saturday, August 28, 2021

Newburyport Variolation Society


Newburyport Variolation Society

Coming soon, summer 2021! 
Free, family-friendly monthly educational meetings at local pubs and eateries. 
Contact me if interested. 

"The term variolation refers solely to inoculation with smallpox virus and is not interchangeable with vaccination. ....Inoculation refers to intentionally exposing an individual to a virus, bacterium, other pathogen, or artificial vaccine that may induce active immunity, and inoculation can be done by any suitable route of administration. Many familiar vaccines are injected intramuscularly or swallowed. The term "inoculation" entered medical English through horticultural usage meaning to graft a bud (or eye) from one plant into another. It is derived from the Latin in + oculus (eye)."

For the purposes of this project, I think "variolation" is more fun, though "inoculation" may be more, shall we say, accurate (or precise?). 

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